A Day Trip in Southern New Hampshire

Ryan and I had a free weekend and decided we wanted to venture out and explore a part of New Hampshire we hadn’t before. We’ve been talking a lot lately about seeing more of the small towns around us and enjoying what our beautiful state has to offer. Our trip to Peterborough provided a lovely small town experience and an adventure into the great outdoors.

We took Cody on his first hike in 85 degree heat and he did marvelously. He loved every minute on the mountain and he would’ve run up the bloody thing if he’d been off leash. Pack Monadnock was the ultimate summit to test him on.

We arrived early, around 8:45, to a nearly empty parking lot. I had reserved a spot online the night before in the lot at Miller State Park. From there, we followed the well marked Marion Davis Trail to Pack Monadnock’s summit. At the top, there’s a fire tower you can climb for a great view of the surrounding area.

The Marion Davis Trail was just about 3 miles round trip. It was reasonable in steepness and well maintained. Since we were there early, we came across very few other people, but there were some walking dogs which were great for Cody to interact with. Overall, the hike took us just about an hour and a half.

After we returned to our car, we drove another 7 minutes to the heart of Peterborough. Peterboro Diner was the perfect stop for egg bagels. They had a patio where we could sit with Cody and they were even sweet enough bring him out a dish of ice water.

After breakfast, we walked around town for a bit and strolled along the river walk. Peterborough has a quiet charm I’ve found in many small, New England towns. It wasn’t too crowded but you see locals and visitors alike, enjoying the area and sharing a smile.

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