Planning Our Wedding, Part 3

Slowly but surely… it’s all coming along! We had a lot of fun with this round of tasks. Taking our engagements photos was great (and cold!) and I’m so excited for the NH based honeymoon we’ve booked. Plus, things are coming along with our venue which is making me feel better. Starting to work on a seating chart was a huge step forward.

One thing I want to share if any future or current brides-to-be are reading is that at least once a week I’m experiencing “separation anxiety” from my wedding dress, which is at the tailors. I’m not kidding- I googled it and it’s a thing. At least once a week I freak out, wonder if my dress is the way I remember it, wonder if it still fits, worry about the alterations, etc. Apparently this is totally normal but also so annoying. I’m looking forward to May when I can have my next dress fitting and hopefully take it home!

That being said, here are the things we checked off our to-do list this past month.

With 6 Months Left…

We took engagement photos.

Ryan’s father is a fabulous photographer and took our engagement photos for us when we were visiting VT a few weekends ago. It was blustery and freezing but that made it even more fun. It was nice to feel relaxed, especially because taking photos can feel so stressful. I also loved getting to see a bit of the “behind the scenes” editing process when Jim was processing the photos. Overall, I was blown away. No doubt you’ll be seeing me post them everywhere.

I created our wedding invitations.

I knew I couldn’t create our wedding invitations until I had a photo to add, so once we got our engagement photos back, I jumped onto Canva and started playing around with a few templates and fonts. From there, downloading your design is simple and you can then print it however you like. We kept ours very simple and classic.

We booked our honeymoon.

Ryan and I were really stumped when it came to our honeymoon. While you can plan a wedding within the year, travel is a bit more difficult. We have our sights set on a trip to the Smoky Mountains next year. However, we wanted to do something local and low-key, but special, right after the wedding. I looked all over AirBNB for something in New Hampshire or Vermont but had little luck finding something we felt excited about. Then my mom and Mark stayed at the Woodstock Inn and Brewery in Woodstock, NH. After hearing their rave reviews and seeing the Inn’s proximity to the Whites, we were sold.

We finalized our wedding website.

I actually created our wedding website very early, but again, was waiting for photos to finalize things. The link won’t be shared until our invitations are sent out, however, I’m pleased with the design and feel confident that I haven’t forgotten any major information we need to share with our guests. Ryan and I are still working on our registry, however, which is a whole other conversation (see: when you’ve owned a house for two years, you’ve already bought all the house stuff you need!)

I purchased my wedding day jewelry.

Instagram got me y’all. Their algorithm showed me an add for the prettiest wedding jewelry and I bought, hook line and sinker! Originally, my mentality for my wedding was get the dress and be done. I didn’t realize how fun it would be to select the little details: the earrings, the hairpiece, etc. I really feel like the pieces I picked will tie everything together and I can’t wait to try it all on at one time!

We selected (some of) our wines.

Fulchino bottles all year long, so Al suggested we come in for two separate times for a tasting to sample a variety of the wines they stock. Our goal from the beginning was to get three cases of red and three cases of white. After this first tasting, we settled on a case of white and a case of red. Two more (of each) to go! Luckily, they’ll have plenty more wines available as the summer approaches.

We created a seating plan for our venue

The seating plan for our venue is a work in progress and will continue to be a work in progress. However, having a general outline and seeing that what I’m thinking will actually work with our venue has been a huge relief. It helped me to start by developing a rough seating chart and then consider the other large areas needed: dance floor, sweetheart table, buffet, bar, and DJ. There’s a huge importance placed on the “feel” of the day and I want it to be a great experience for our guests. With some final tweaks, I know we’ll get there.

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