PUPdate: 8 Weeks Old

We adopted a land shark.

Really though, Cody is in his puppy-biting-everything phase. I have the scars on my hands to prove it.

Treats were a massive savior this week. I gave treats for everything and low and behold, Cody can sit now! He also “comes” about 65% of the time. That’s progress!

Potty training is Cody’s strong suit. In two weeks, he has had only a handful of accidents and he actually goes to the back door if he has to pee or poop! Talk about a miracle. It’s nice to have one less thing to worry about, amidst the new puppy chaos.

There were two blissful nights where Cody slept from 9:30 to 5:00. Since then, we’ve digressed. I cannot wait until he sleeps through the night consistently.

What we’ve learned this week is that for a puppy, routine is everything. Cody didn’t get a lot of crate time this past weekend, which was great, but it also caused some difficulties when he has to go in the crate today. We’re trying our hardest to offer him consistency and to remember that he’s just a puppy. There’s still lots of room to grow and improve! Thank goodness he’s so cute.

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