Decorating Your Front Steps For Fall

There is something so very “New England” about front steps filled with mums and pumpkins. The pops of color catch your eye and compliment the changing leaves in the area. A warm September definitely brought an extended summer feeling, but now that it’s October, everything “fall” is fair game. Today I’m sharing how I decorated our front porch steps for fall, in case you were looking or a little inspiration!

Shop Local…

While I’m a huge fan of Walmart’s $5 mums, I found the selection at our local farm stands to be much larger and more colorful. Plus, most were only a dollar or two more which felt worth it, knowing I was supporting a local business. Pumpkins are a bit trickier because I find that you can score solid quirkily pumpkins almost anywhere. However, the small ones are pretty much priced the same at all stores, local or not.

Consider Symmetry…

I set up and reset up the mums and pumpkins on the steps so many times, I’m sure my neighbors thought I had lost it. However, I found that I liked making things symmetrical best. Even considering symmetry on a diagonal helped when placing pots, plants, and pumpkins.

Build in Variety…

There are so many neat plants that come out in full force around the fall. I was looking for a few long grass or straw like plants but forced myself to stop when the steps became a walking hazard. Just by varying color and the size of items on each step, I was able to create a pretty dimensional display.

Will you be decorating your front steps for fall? Should I do a post on how to decorate your front door next, for those without a stoop? Let me know below and comment your favorite thing about fall. I’m getting psyched for the colder weather we’re starting to get. There will be many wood stove fires to come.

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