Finding Motivation Within Yourself

Finding motivation within yourself is hard. I feel like I’ve mentioned this on the blog a lot recently, but if you haven’t read Gretchen Rubin’s work on the Four Tendencies, I highly suggest it. Take the quiz, while you’re at it! Unless you’re an upholder or a questioner, you might struggle, like me, with meeting inner expectations. Fun fact: most of the world does!

As we enter the New Year, the pressure to do better and be better is obvious. A metaphorical fresh slate makes us feel limitless but I’ve found that only last so long. So the real question is, how do you find motivation within yourself to keep going once the honeymoon phase has worn off?

I’ve come up with three strategies for myself that I would like to share with you today in the hope that they help if you’re looking to boost your inner drive. These are three things I’ve come back to time and time again. Once they’re in practice, they flow into your day with ease.

Find some way to hold yourself accountable.

Funny enough, one of the best ways to find inner motivation, especially if you struggle with inner motivation, is to utilize outer motivation. Finding some way to hold yourself accountable is critical. Maybe you’re asking a family member to check-in every few days or writing down your check-points on social media. Maybe you’re rewarding yourself once you’ve reached a goal. Having something to mark a milestone will push you to keep moving forward. This blog, for example, is a great way that I hold myself accountable for the goals I set. Simply reading the things I’ve outlined for myself is reminder enough to get going.

Select a mantra for the day.

Words have weight. Giving yourself a phrase to repeat throughout the day triggers your brain into action. Whether you need to buckle down and work or ease off the gas and coast, setting that intention is crucial. Traction is made when the things we do align with our intentions. However, if you don’t know where you’re headed, you’ll never get there!

Try the 5 Second Rule: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Move!

I wrote about the 5 Second Rule during my #52booksin52weeks of 2020. While I didn’t find the book overly compelling, I really liked the concept. When you remember something, arrive at a task, or recognize a distraction, all you have to do is count down from five and then MOVE! By halting your thought process and choosing action, you jump start your body and mind. You eliminate the space where you can make excuses. You essentially eliminate choice in the matter, which in many cases, works to your advantage. Once you’re going, it’s far easier to continue. Getting started is the hardest part.

Are there any strategies you use throughout the day to stay motivated? Do you find that there are particular times when motivation evades you? I will always suggest reflection when it comes to understanding what you need, when you need it, and why you need it. Success is attainable by us all and there are tools to help us get there. We simply have to find them.

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