My One Word Vision For 2021

I recently read “One Word That Will Change Your Life,” and was amazed to realize that I utilized this process in 2020. In January, I posted that 2020 was my year of joy.

Joy. One word to drive my focus, intention, and action within the year ahead. Now, I’m making it a practice to selecting a one word vision for the year ahead.

My One Word Vision for 2021 – Grace

In selecting my word for 2021 I thought about three things: who I was in 2020, who I am now, and who I want to be in 2021. New Year’s resolutions often focus on the to-do rather than the to-be. This one word vision changes that.

Grace is my word for 2021 because 2020 was a hard year. There were many discreet, if not invisible, stressors weighing down on me every day. However, most of the time, it was tough to remember that. It was also tough to remember that it was probably that way for a lot of people.

Grace, to me, means having patience, kindness, and empathy for myself and others. It means that I’m going to be a bit easier on myself. It means that I’m going to slow down, that I’m going to consciously check my expectations and my reactions when I feel like my expectations aren’t met.


My one word vision for 2021. 

I hope you’ll utilize this practice yourself. I have a great template available in my New Year’s Freebie to guide you on your way! But also, if you do, please leave your word in the comments below! Let’s shout our words out so that we might manifest intention, action, and continue to build a Life (Wirth) Living.

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