My Personal Manifesto for 2021

Gretchen Rubin inspired this post with her Personal Commandments. However, I don’t feel I’m in the right place, at this point in my life, to select statements that embody my whole existence. Instead, I’m picking five statements to embody the year I envision having in 2021.

This is my personal manifesto for 2021. They are words to live by. We’ve all got them- but making sure we remember them when we need them is what’s most important. I urge you to write a list of your own and keep it close. I have a great template available within my New Year’s Freebie. I hope you’ll use it! If you do, I figured you might need some examples. I’ve included my own list below.

My Personal Manifesto for 2021

The other shoe will drop, so let’s just hope it’s not too loud when it does.

Work smarter, not harder.

Believe they’re doing their best, not what you think their best should be.


Friends for a reason, friends for a season, friends for a lifetime.

What’s your Personal Manifesto? If you’re feeling bold, share one of your statements below in the comments and keep on working for your Life (Wirth) Living.

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  1. Nakita Guerrouxo wrote:

    Friends for a lifetime ❤️

    Posted 1.1.21 Reply