My 21 Things For 2021

I always make new year’s resolutions and for the most part, I’m always good about keeping one or two. However, after reading Gretchen Rubin’s book “The Four Tendencies” and realizing I’m an obliger, I understand why I might not see them all through until the end. Furthermore, taking a page from Rachel Hollis’ book, I know that I need to start small if I want to grow positive habits in my life. 

These years, in my twenties, are years of growth. I want to establish who I am before I move into the next season of my life. That being said, I’ve come up with 21 things for 2021 that I want to focus on in the year ahead. They are divided into seven categories based on timing. I’ve found this strategy has helped me ease out of a rigid timeline for my goals and habits while still offering some perspective and structure. I will be sharing a few future posts providing insights into how this little project is going. I hope you’ll be interested to read!

21 for 2021

Once a day…

  • Stretch my body 
  • Read a book
  • Put on sunscreen 

Once a week…

  • Call my family 
  • Clean the house 
  • Practice self care

Once a month…

  • Schedule a date night 
  • Plan an adventure 
  • Do a financial check-in 

Once a season…

  • Splurge on a luxury 
  • Remove excess 
  • Revisit my morning routine 

Once a semester…

  • Take a class 
  • Make a new friend 
  • Read a supplemental text 

Once a year…

  • Host a holiday 
  • Write a “year in review” 
  • Go on a girl’s trip

Once in awhile…

  • Send birthday cards 
  • Visit with friends and family 
  • Get together with coworkers 

I urge you to create a 21 for 2021 list. In no way does it need to look like mine, but this is what I’ve found helps. How are you planning to grow this year? What habits are you looking to create? Share with me your strategies for building a Life (Wirth) Living below.

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