Favorite Facial Oils

A few years ago, I was using rose-hip oil pretty frequently on my skin. I loved how moisturizing it was and how it faded any acne scarring I had. However, I never quite “bought in” to facial oils until now. I am sold on the Ordinary’s line of facial oils and for their price point, they are totally worth it.

Full disclosure, I have only been using these on and off for about a month, so I will probably need to do a follow-up review in a bit, now that school has started and I’m using them everyday as part of my skincare routine. (I slack off in the summer- but really, who doesn’t?) However, so far, even with infrequent use, I’m very impressed.

Caffeine Solution ($6.70)

Oh man, is this one good. Normally, I have darker under eyes and lots of puffiness. I’ve found it most useful to apply a few drops of this solution to my under eyes and a quick swipe to my eyelids in the morning. BAM! I look awake and alive again. It definitely doesn’t remove dark circles the way it seems only coverup can, but I do find that it makes a difference for the look of my eyes. Plus, whether it’s placebo or not, it actually makes my eyes feel less tired. A win-win.

Peeling Solution ($7.20)

This is a great product for use once a week. I can’t speak to its results if you have severe acne (mine is minimal and hormonal if anything) but I really like using it in place of a face mask. I find that my skin feels clean and soft and my pores look visibly smaller. I keep it on for eight minutes, not the recommended ten, because I have sensitive skin and also focus on my forehead, nose, and chin.

Hyaluronic Acid ($6.80)

The holy grail of facial oils. If you pick up any beauty magazine, you’ll probably find them going off about hyaluronic acid. It’s suppose to be great for reducing signs of aging which I’m not experiencing quite yet. However, I love the way that it plumps up my skin. It sinks in completely so your skin looks dry, but also full, moisturized, and healthy. 10/10 on this one. I use this everyday, morning and night.

Amino Acids ($6.80)

With this oil, I don’t see any immediate results, but I love mixing a few drops in my palm with my Weleda skin cream that I use religiously, every single day. I find that it thins out the thick moisturizer nicely while adding a bit of extra goodness for your skin. Amino acids are great for hydrating and brightening (supposedly) and I do really like the way this oil feels. It is quite thinner than the others (more of a water like consistency) so keep that in mind.

What steps in your skincare routine do you follow religiously? Do you use facial oils on the regular? Let me know in the comments below.

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