Best Non-Medical Masks for Teachers

Schools are releasing their reopening plans and while no one has really confirmed whether we’re going back, staying home, splitting the day, splitting the week, or simply giving up on education all together (ha, just kidding) there does seem to be one overwhelming consensus. If in school, teachers will be wearing masks.

If you’re a teacher like me, then you have a closet full of professional clothes that haven’t been worn in the past five months. You’ve curated your “work wardrobe” (or your teacher capsule wardrobe!) and you enjoy getting dressed up in the morning for school. The most positive mindset I can have for having to wear a mask this fall- it’s just another accessory to style!

Note: This is also a trick I’m hearing a lot of parents using with kiddos. If it’s a cool printed mask, they want to wear it!

I’ve compiled some of the best non-medical masks I’ve found online within a few different categories.

Note: I would like to say, from one teacher to another, that I hope you don’t have to buy your own mask. In my opinion, if it’s required, schools should be providing it. However, from my experience, that’s not always the case and I recognize that it sets a precedence when teachers buy their own masks. I am purchasing a few non-medical masks because I know it will boost my mood in the classroom. I don’t feel quite myself when I’m wearing a blue and white gauze mask and I want to make sure that the person I present to my students is as close to who I am as possible, especially if they can’t see my smile!

Now that I’ve said my piece, let’s get into the mask round-up.

A Focus on Comfort – Athleta

Adjustable straps and a metal piece at the top so you can secure the mask around your nose!

Best Bang For Your Buck – Old Navy

5 for $12.50 – Such a fun variety
10 for $25.00 – Look at those colors!

Every Print Imaginable – Banana Republic

I adore this blue & white combo
Love the floral prints!

Crisp + Clean – Mandala

These come with replaceable filter liners!

If you have a family member or friend who can sew, homemade masks are a great option! A shoestring works well to secure the fabric and you can pick a variety of colors. Also, Etsy is a great way to get a mask and support a small business.

Do you already have a set of super stylish masks at home? Any go-to brands I forgot to mention? Let me know or share them below!

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