The Podcasts I’m Listening To This Summer

One of my favorite things to do with my free time in the summer is listen to podcasts. I love sitting outside, laying out in the sun, or driving around while they play. It feels a bit more intellectual than staring at a TV screen but it is just as engaging and entertaining.

I’ve recently discovered a few podcasts that I’ve been able to “binge” listen to. However, the frustration then is that the episodes end and you have to wait for more! Plus, a lot of these stories are super suspenseful, which makes it worse.

That being said, I’ve got a pretty big list going, so it’s easy to jump from one podcast to another when you’re looking for something to listen to. I hope you’ll find something you like in the list below!


The fact that this podcast is produced and starring Cole Sprouce is honestly only a bonus. “Borrasca” is thrilling and suspenseful- a very interesting way to engage with a story. New episodes come out every Monday and honestly, I can’t wait to listen each week!

Crime Junkie

A tried and true favorite. “Crime Junkie” is my go-to true crime podcast. I love the production and style in which they present their cases. Again, a Monday release. Perfect for long car rides and easily enjoyed by many.

Supernatural with Ashely Flowers

Ashely Flowers, host of Crime Junkie, has a new podcast called “Supernatural” that I am obsessed with. Similar to the one above, the style is spot on and the stories are unusual enough that you’ve probably never ever heard of them. I find the stories incredibly engaging- a great escape.

RISE Podcast

I’m a huge Rachel Hollis fan and I feel that she shares a ton of positive perspectives and habits in her “RISE Podcast”. If I’m feeling unmotivated, I’ll find an episode and it almost always speaks to me in some way. Also, they normally provide action based steps to help you get back on track, no matter what is happening in your life at the time.

Up and Vanished

A recommendation by a friend- an examination of a cold case, revisited by a documentary producer who dove head first and uncovered more than he was expecting. Multiple seasons, perfect for binging.

Blood Ties

“Blood Ties” is a fiction based podcast with a single season released. A very easy, engaging listen with both likable and non-likable characters. A pair of rich-kid siblings who lose their parents but uncover something much more sinister. A truly interesting story.


I listened to “Limetown” in one sitting and boy did it have me engaged. If you’re a science fiction fan, you’ll really enjoy this story and the way the truth of the plot is slowly revealed. The actors are spot on which makes listening easy.

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