Our New Hampshire Home: Garden Update

I’m so excited to bring you this garden update from our New Hampshire house. The hot weather and water (provided first by a Home Depot bucket and then by a hose) have helped our plants grow nice and big, way earlier than I anticipated!

At this point, we’ve harvested and replanted radishes and we’re working our way through our lettuce/spinach crops. The snap peas have come in strong and there are already little tiny tomatoes, green beans, and squash growing on our seedlings! I don’t remember any of this happening so early last year, so I’m attributing this advanced growth to the extra warm weather and enjoying it!

I like that our lettuce and spinach crops stay small and that they grow back quick after you pick leaves for harvest. I work around the outside of the plant, picking anything that’s 3-4” long.

I also can’t believe how BIG our squash plants are getting. Ryan warned me that they need a lot of space, so I may have crowded my bed. However, I’m going to see how well they mature before pulling any plants.

I’m happy to report that we haven’t had any deer in the garden.. yet (knock on wood!) I have been at war with our chipmunks over my strawberries, however, we’ve had pretty mild pest issues so far.

The garden is growing strong and well and I can’t wait to see how it matures and the harvest we’re able to collect as the summer continues. There’s something so satisfying about eating a crop you grew yourself. It’s definitely one of my favorite things.

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