Our New Hampshire Home: My Favorite Herbs To Grow

I always had a love/hate relationship with growing herbs. First, I could never get them to grow from seeds. Second, they were always the most gosh-darn finicky plants in the world. Third, they would spread, so I would need them in pots but who ever has a good way to organize that! (Answer: me, me! I finally do!)

Maybe there’s a green house in my future one day, but for today, my herbs live on our back deck. I love cooking with fresh herbs, which pretty much drove my motivation to get a small herb garden/collection going. I was on Pinterest, trying to figure out the best way to do this while still retaining the aesthetic appeal of our outdoor space. I thought about plant/flower stands but they all seemed ridiculously overpriced. Low and behold, I walk into Aldi for one of my weekly grocery shops and there one is, for just $20. I was sold. It is honestly one of my favorite parts of the house at the moment

In my herb collection (I’m going to call it a collection because it’s not quite a garden) I have mint, basil, lavender, cat mint, oregano, rosemary, and pineapple sage. At the moment, everything is pretty happy and healthy. Except my basil, that is, but I already brought it back from severe overwatering once so I’m just letting it do its thing at the moment.

I purchased terra cotta pots from Home Depot which I love because first, they were incredibly inexpensive and second, they help retain water and keep the soil moist! Herbs like sun and they like water. They also like to be used! Pulling/cutting leaves will actually help your plants with their growth.

I’ve found that herbs grow fast, so you’ll want to either use them or dry them. I’m planning on drying a good portion of my mint and lavender for tea, simply by leaving their leaves on a metal baking sheet in the sun. I’m going to see how the oregano and rosemary fair and consider drying and grinding them for use in the fall, but I really need some jars for storage before I can embark on that endeavor.

Have you tried your hand at herbs yet this summer. I do recommend it, even though it’s a challenge. Isn’t that what gardening is, after all? No one ever said it was easy, keeping things alive!

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