Check-In for 2020

I was listening to episode 146 of Rachel Hollis’ “Rise” podcast on my drive home the other day and she was speaking to this crazy quarantine time we’ve all found ourselves in. She was speaking to the idea that, we need to reset our goals for ourselves, for this year. Whatever plans you had, long term plans/dreams/goals- they need to be put on hold. This year is going to look different than any other and we cannot continue as if we will come out of this the same as we were before. We won’t be.

In listening, I began writing, and in writing, I began revisiting my new year’s resolutions from the beginning of 2020. I focused on and set goals for my relationship, family, friends, my health, and my career. Today, I’m writing this post to revisit those goals, to check-in, but to also reassess what I need moving forward.

In her podcast, Rachel Hollis talked about considering how the “best version of yourself” is going to finish out the year. She mentioned three ideas: accepting the unknown, being specific about what you want, and being specific about what you will not bring into the rest of this year (what doesn’t matter and what truly does.)

I’ve reassessed my goals and at this (almost) halfway mark, I’d like to share my dreams and goals for the year moving forward. I would also like to challenge you to use this time as an opportunity to ask yourself- how do I want to finish out this year?

My Family –

Quarantine brought frequent Zoom calls and a new importance to trips home. We’ve spent this time worrying about parents, grandparents, and family overseas. We’ve realized the importance of the time we have with our loved ones.

My Friends –

Quarantine has reminded me how valuable quality time with my friends truly is. Even if it’s just an hour or so, here and there, just having the opportunity to chat and reconnect is so important to me. However, I’ve also started shifting away from what I believe is a “college mindset” where I feel the need to have my friends around 24/7 and I think this realization was cemented during quarantine. I know my friends are there for me and I know our friendship doesn’t lose any of its value if we don’t see each other as often as we used to. Hold the people you love close and remind them of their importance always.

My Health –

So for the first three month of 2020, I was working out 4+ times a week, getting stronger, and feeling great. Then quarantine happened and I remembered just how much I hate working out at home. I don’t want to put on a YouTube video.. I don’t want to go for a run.. the motivation just isn’t there! However, rather than fight that, I’m going to try to accept it and work with it. Rather than get mad at myself for not running for the third day this week (when I really don’t want to run) I’m going to go for a hike instead.

While we’re still at home, I’m going to view anything that gets me up and moving as exercise. Dancing around the house? Exercise. Walking my Home Depot bucket across the yard to water my garden? Exercise. As long as I can incorporate movement into my day ( and I mean any kind of movement!) I’m calling it a win.

My Career –

For a little while, my career was very uncertain. Moving to New Hampshire meant I was giving up my teaching job in Newport. However, I’ve been lucky enough to be hired to teach third grade this fall, in our new hometown no less. Talk about a huge weight off my shoulders.

My goal for this summer: spend time planning and prepping for the fall, in whatever form it might take!

My goal for the fall: be flexible. Utilize my new third grade team. Focus on student centered work for the first few weeks of school. Build a strong classroom community. Recognize burnout. Take a break. Keep going.

And a little added bonus…

My Identity –

In episode 147 of her “Rise” podcast, Rachel Hollis talks about how many of us are realizing during this time that we’ve held a lot of our identities outside of us. We find purpose and value from our jobs, from our tribes, from our families, from our day to day. That being said, this is a perfect time to refocus on your identity within yourself.

I feel like I’m still young enough where my identity is still shifting and growing and changing. However, I’m also old enough that a lot of the values I hold and perspectives I take are cemented. They aren’t going to shift. For example:

  • I value productivity and hope that I can avoid wasting time
  • I value positivity and hope that I can approach difficult situations with grace and patients
  • I value communication and hope that I can be open and honest
  • I value dedication and hope that I can put all of myself into the things I do
  • I value community and hope that I can learn more about my new hometown

While I don’t necessarily feel the need to form my identity, I feel the need to identify my identity, as strange as that sounds. I truthfully don’t know if I’ve ever really thought about my values in the sense of writing them down to read off a piece of paper. I want to remind myself of all the things I hold important in my life, and all the things I don’t. That way, as I move forward this year, I can focus on the things I want to keep and the things I want to let go of.

Do you need a re-set? Are you feeling like it’s time to re-evaluate as we move into the second half of the year? I highly suggest Rachel Hollis’ “Rise” podcast and just taking some time to write and reflect!

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