Newport Highlight: MEND Yoga

A lot of my friends have already heard my spiel about MEND but today I’m putting it here on the blog and shouting it to the people in the back. I LOVE THIS PLACE.

This new series on the blog, Newport Highlights, will do just that- highlight locations in Newport I think deserve the attention. I’m starting with somewhere I spend a good majority of my time: the studio at MEND.

Back in November I came across a photo on Instagram advertising an unlimited month of yoga classes for $30. I bought it without even thinking. MEND was just about to open up downtown (a two minute walk from school, so convenient!) and everyone was buzzing about it. However, I went in a little naive.

I took my first yoga class at MEND on a day we had off from school. I remember because I thought “oh, this will be nice and relaxing.” BOY was I wrong.

MEND’s signature class is called SCUPLT- a high intensity workout sequence that combines yoga poses, cardio, and weights. During my first class, I thought I was going to die. Literally. Even so, I left feeling exhilarated and determined to come back and do better! Have to put down your weights halfway through the class? No big deal, just push harder next time. The repetition and routine for your body is key!

I continued taking classes at MEND through December and then fell out of the routine during the holiday break. Strangely enough, my body started revolting. I craved the intensity, the stretch, and the endorphin rush.

I bought an unlimited membership at the start of January with a plan to take 15 classes this month. You can find MEND’s pricing and schedule online here if you’re interested, but I can tell you, the membership and three month commitment is totally worth it. I try to vary the classes I take between SCULPT and a more traditional Vinyasa hot yoga class MEND offers. I also am meaning to get out to one of their Mindful Meditation classes, but I haven’t had the chance yet.

While the classes at MEND are amazing, one of the things that has really drawn me to the studio is the energy and community that exists there. Brooke, Lexi, and Audrey (MEND’s founders) are a powerhouse team- entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, and encouraging. When you walk through the door they really make you feel as if you belong there, as if you are strong enough to accomplish anything.

If you’re hesitant at all, MEND has a $5 first-timer special so that you can give their classes a try, no worries. I promise though, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re local and happen to show up at a 3:30 class after a long Monday (or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…) you’ll probably find me there as well.

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