Postcards from Chelsea

Ryan and I spent this past weekend up in Vermont with his dad, enjoying lots of fresh fallen powder. We had both been itching to get up north, especially because the weather in RI has been so lame this winter.

There’s nothing like a brisk cold morning and a blanket of snow outside. One of my favorite things about Ryan’s parent’s house in Vermont is the quiet. You feel like there’s nothing and no one for miles. It’s a great break from “real life” and as I’ve said before, once you’re there, you never want to leave.

It was cold when we arrived Friday and the temperatures stayed in the single digits for most of Saturday. We all agreed Sunday’s twenty degree weather felt balmy! We made the best of the weather though, when there was daylight. There was plenty of opportunity for playing in the snow and walking through the property. However, the big highlight of the weekend was all the snowmobiling we did.

We went for a brief snowmobile ride on Saturday, but then Sunday we hit the VAST trails for about 50 miles, round trip. It was crazy to see so many different areas with such ease. The VAST trail system really is amazing and it’s crazy to think it’s made possible all by private land owners. Some of the spots we rode through were mesmerizing and Ryan handled the trails like a champ. We had the two person sledge so his job was a lot harder.

It was nice to have the Monday holiday to recover (who knew snowmobiling takes so much out of you) and nice to ease into the week after such a great weekend away. The winters are hard but if you can get outside and use the conditions to your advantage, the gloom gets a little brighter. Now to just get Ryan up on skis…

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