Postcards from Chelsea

Last weekend Ryan and I spent another amazing few days with his family at their place in Chelsea, Vermont. After a slightly bumpy ride there, we were very excited to spend a bit of time relaxing and soaking up the end of the fall.

While it isn’t prime leaf peeping season anymore, I was really pleased with all the colors of transition we were seeing. Also, the air in Chelsea is crisp and sweet this time of year, as apples fall and ferment, littering the ground. We collected bags of them to enjoy and even slingshot a few (see my Instagram highlights for a good laugh!)

The weather in late fall is always my favorite. There’s something about feeling comfortable while bundled up, yet able to move around without fear of getting too warm. It was a bummer to see the pond closed for the season (we’re already missing our summer tubing!) but we just spent some extra time in the woods instead.

Ryan’s parents have an incredible property and it’s really fun just exploring the space without any physical boundaries. I feel like we’re constantly walking in areas Ryan says we’ve seen before, but it always looks new.

One of my favorite activities we fill our time with is frisbee golf. There is no real course or anything- we make it up as we go. Starting at the house, someone calls a spot on the property, then we’re off. We cheer each other on and trying not to hit anything with windows.

The weather in Vermont has taken a colder turn so there was a very pleasant fire burning in the wood stove all weekend. However, Ryan and I also built a fire in the fire pit one evening to burn some old wood. He’s definitely more of the expert when it comes to all things of this nature but I appreciate that he humors me. He taught me to use a hatchet and the ‘proper’ way to construct a fire.

Most of our weekend was spent relaxing with good food, drink, and company. A lot of Ryan’s family was up and the conversation flowed with the wine. There was laughter until we were crying and a comfortably full house.

Ryan and I are always planning the next time we want to visit when we’re walking out the door. We have some projects in the works (new roofs for wood drying and a workshop table to construct) that we’re both looking forward to and I’m sure we’ll be up soon enough to finish them off.

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