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If I’m being honest, September has been a difficult month for me. Our school year started in chaos, which means a lot of my energy is expended during the day, just trying to keep a positive attitude for my students. Writing about it now, I have to admit, it’s taking its toll. Furthermore, with my days scheduled with work again, I’m finding that I’m struggling to balance health, exercise, friends, travel, family, etc. I try my best to keep a positive perspective on this blog, but I also want to be genuine, and at the moment I feel like I’m letting everyone down. Of course, then I feel like I’m letting myself down because I believe that your mentality is your choice.

Today’s bloom & grow is written in the hope for clarity and direction as I finish out the month. For me, nothing is more helpful than getting something down on paper (physical or electronic) so I’ll urge you the same as my students. Start by writing the things you’ve succeeded in lately before moving to what you can improve. Whether one category is more substantial than the other doesn’t matter, as long as you’re being honest.


– I have been pretty consistent about spending time with my family lately. Whether it’s something as simple as sharing a meal, I’ve been glad for the time I’ve taken to see my parents, or talk to my sister now that she’s back at school. Family is sometimes a tough one because you know that they love you, no matter what. That being said, you know that missing an afternoon phone call isn’t the end of the world. However, my parents are a fifteen minute drive away (at most) and I know that won’t always be the case. I’m glad to take advantage of our current proximity and see them as frequently as I can.

– As difficult as it has been, I’ve been working hard on establishing healthy routines. I’ve been utilizing my gym membership, packing healthy lunches, and actually remembering to take my vitamins. One un-avoidable virus went around school the first week and did knock me down a bit, but I’ve been taking steps to make sure I feel as good as I possibly can.

– Ryan and I have built a really solid foundation to our relationship. We’ve been living together for six months now (and have only driven each other a little bit nuts!) We’ve fallen into routines that I believe make our days better and we’ve worked through the initial snafus that come with sharing a space. Our little apartment truly feels like home- exactly where I want to be at the end of every day.


– If there’s something I would like to improve, it is finding a bit more balance in my schedule. I go day to day feeling like I’m running from one place to another, never having enough to anywhere and for anyone. I guess it’s sort of a good thing, having plenty to do, but I still struggle with slowing down every once in awhile

– Money isn’t really a fun topic to talk about, but I would like to examine my finances a bit more, moving forward. I think I’ve put myself in a pretty good position, but I’m sure there are areas where I could cut down my spending. Now that I’m in my second year of having a ‘real’ salary, I think it’s even more important to consciously purchase and save.

– I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps, which I know in part has to do with how unsettled things are at school. However, I’m making it a goal to start each day with a positive attitude. Unfortunately, a lot of things in life, we have no control over. It’s important that, when that is the case, we go with the flow. This is hard for me because I like structure. However, I’m trying and finding that smiling through it all does really help

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  1. Barb Eyster wrote:

    September is a tough month to go back to school because the weather is still so nice, the daylight is shrinking and the pace is like a marathon. Hang in there-you have a good perspective on what’s going on.

    Posted 9.25.19 Reply