Ireland Itinerary Part 2

Even though we didn’t stay in many cities on our trip, Galway City, which hosted the beginning of our second day in Ireland, was my favorite.

The city center was a short, local bus ride away from our hotel and contained lively streets and great shops. I found an Irish knit wool sweater which I had been on the hunt for and we all picked up some souvenirs to bring home. Furthermore, a good portion of the city was a walking section so we didn’t even have to worry about cars.

After a jaunt in the city, we went back to the hotel for fresh made pizza and to get ready for our evening. We had tickets to the races.

The Galway Races are a huge Irish event. For a week, helicopters fly over the city, dropping designated guests at the track. My grandmother insisted we wear fascinators to fit in and it really was quite fun.

I have to say, for all the horse races I have seen, the Galway Races are long. We kept watching lap after lap, joking that they’d never be done. It certainly wasn’t my lucky day, however. The first horse I bet on tripped, got injured, and was put down right on the track. Bit of a downer, to say the least. Nevertheless, the show went on.

It was great fun to pick horses and make bets. We loved discussing what names we thought were the best and how each horse looked. Plus, a cold cider made the warm evening bearable.

I loved how exciting the races were for my little cousins. While it is primarily an adult event, they really enjoyed the crowds and sounds. It was crazy how quickly the place filled up.

Galway was beautiful, but the races really made our trip something memorable. Their history speaks for itself. It was the perfect last day before we parted ways with our cousins and headed to Dublin.

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