Garden Update

I’m back with another little garden update for you because I am so unbelievably excited about our last garden harvest! (Note: the zucchini in the photo below was gifted- our garden isn’t quite big enough to grow it, unfortunately.)

This week after I got back from Texas I spent a bit of time each day tending to the garden. It’s crazy how much things change in such a short time!

The first thing I was able to harvest were our re-planted beans and radishes. The replanted seeds definitely didn’t do as well, however, we still got some decent produce for the huge veggie stir-fry I made.

Next, I discovered our carrots were ready to harvest! I had planted both baby carrots and regular carrots and managed to totally forget which were which. I’m not sure if every carrot I picked was “ready” to be harvested but they all tasted really wonderful so I figure, oh well!

As for our tomato plants, everything is growing green and plentiful. We harvested a few cherry tomatoes, but the majority aren’t ready quite yet. It’ll be Ryan’s job to keep an eye on them while I’m away next week- he’ll be living off tomatoes!

I pulled all the remaining pea plants, bean plants, and lettuce plants from our garden bed because they seemed to be at the end of their season. Plus, I needed to make a bit of room because our brussels sprout plants have EXPLODED. There are five in total, so I replanted them to be a bit more spaced out in hopes that we’ll have tons of sprouts this fall! One plant is starting to have little buds on the stem already.

Finally, the most exciting news- we have a pepper! Honestly, I had all but given up on our pepper plants. They hadn’t grown much at all and seemed so flimsy with their tiny stalks and leaves. However, low and behold, I found a healthy, green pepper starting this morning. It’s about the size of a golf ball at the moment and I’m hoping that with the shifting of the brussels sprouts, even more light will be available to aid its growth.

I’m really proud of what I’ve made happen in the garden this year, especially because I haven’t really been home lately to tend to it. Part of me is already looking forward to next spring/summer, to go bigger and better and experiment a little further.

I think that learning by trying is one of the most interesting methods when starting something new (even if it’s not always the most effective!) and I’m glad our little garden has been such a success.

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