Garden Update

Hey everyone, look at our perfect garden!

… not.

Although, I do have to say that as a first attempt, this garden is above and beyond what I imagined it would be. It is currently blooming bright, green, and healthy while it drinks up more water than I can keep up with. Also on the ‘can’t keep up with’ front, the weeds are killer. Literally- I’m almost certain they were choking out some of the plants at the roots before I gave some serious TLC last week.

So, what’s been our greatest success? Lettuce and radishes.. who knew.

We had our first harvest at the end of May and ended up with a dozen radishes and 2 lbs. of lettuce (iceberg and a wok mix combined). I never liked radishes, but they were the first thing to really come up in the garden, so now they have a dear place in my heart. I actually got a bit emotional having to thin them out. But now that I did, many have matured and we’ve been able to add them to our weekly stir-fry. Yum.

As for the lettuce, it’s great for making salads.

We’re going to have to eat a lot of salad.

If you have any clever ideas of what to do with lettuce, please let me know. Our garden is overflowing with it and it seems to be coming back strong, even though I demolished it thoroughly in my harvest.

The rest of the garden is still in earlier stages of the growing season. Our tomatoes are doing well, but Ryan and I both agree that we planted the seedlings way too early. Hoping they’ll bounce back and grow a bit quicker as the weeks to come get warmer and warmer.

Surprisingly, a few of our brussels sprout plants are flourishing. They’ve almost tripled in size already! I’m a bit concerned that they’re going to start taking over the place, but they have a really long growing season, which means that we won’t harvest them until fall. By then, everything else will be long dead and gone.

The peppers have stalled- I think I need to water them more frequently. Will report back, but please offer any suggestions you may have!

As for our beans, they aren’t doing as well as our peas, but they are getting there. We will have piles of both come.. July maybe? That’s my best guess. Again, still new to this.

Last but not least, our carrots are hanging out. I’m honestly not giving them much attention (although I’m not really sure what attention a carrot really needs) so they are a wait and see situation.

Biggest frustration was the herbs. We got a few sprigs of cilantro, which, according to my best friend, is about a quarter of a cup (it’s really not, I just love her and I tease). Nothing else grew. No basil, mint, oregano, or lavender. I think I’ve probably asked every gardener I know and the consensus has been that you simply can’t grow herbs from seed right in your garden. So, start them in little pots early and re-plant, or buy seedlings later in the spring. Keeping it in mind for next year.

So, there you have it, a brief update of the success (I use the term lightly) that is our garden. It’s a really fun project to keep up with and honestly, if I could have ten more beds, I would. Maybe one day…

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  1. Maryann k wrote:

    Like what you’re doing with the garden. Stop in for a few pointers..

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