Wandering Around Woodstock


A few weekends ago, my little sister and I set off on a true New England adventure. I wanted to take full advantage of the long weekend, due to Columbus Day, and explore a little closer to home. I made a plan and all but demanded Emily join me on a quick trip to Vermont. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile: drive up 93, see family, and peep some fall leaves. I did, however, also want to visit Woodstock. I had only heard amazing things about this little town a little ways up north. My dad was quick to point out- “You know the real Woodstock was held in New York, right?” Luckily, that wasn’t the point. We had the most perfect day, wandering around Woodstock.



I stayed overnight Friday in my sister’s dorm room, just outside of Boston. This was super convenient because we could get up bright and early Saturday and our drive up to Woodstock was only two hours and change. I had chosen Quechee Gorge as our first stop, and I’m so glad that I did.


Quechee Gorge is one of the most popular places to hike outside of Woodstock. The trails were crowded due to the holiday weekend, but we managed, and made our way from the bridge overlook down to the water’s edge. We learned from a local waitress later in the day that if you continue even further down, there’s a swimming hole where people are constantly cooling off in the summer.



After a morning of hiking, Emily and I drove into the Woodstock town center for lunch and a little sightseeing. We stopped at a little diner and devoured our meals (we were a bit hangry) before checking out the various shops around. Then, we made our way over to Middle Covered Bridge, which is as dreamy as it sounds.



There are tons of covered bridges scattered across Vermont. Whenever we drove by one, I would shout out to Emily and she would roll her eyes. I don’t know- I think there’s something so romantic about them. It’s difficult to explain, but charm simply breathes from the worn wooden boards.



After a day of walking and admiring, we were near exhausted, but our weekend was only just beginning. We had a campsite booked and cousins waiting, and we weren’t slowing down. Stay tuned for a post, soon to come, about how we were roughing it in Royalton.

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