10 Essentials When Adopting a Lab

Thinking of adopting a sweet little lab? They come highly recommended from us. Ever had someone sit on your feet while you wash dishes? Looking for a furry face to greet you at the bottom of the stairs every morning? (Yeah, yeah, our dog sleeps downstairs, isn’t allowed on the furniture, and doesn’t eat people food. He’s basically a prisoner at Alcatraz.) We love our little man. He’s added so much to our lives (even…

5 Ways for Educators to Generate Energy

Here’s a quick take, knowing this is the time of the year when, as educators, our energy starts to drag. Try one of the following to generate energy and let me know your thoughts. Collaborate with peers. Working with others who are just as passionate as you is a great way to boost your excitement. Seek out professional development. It’s always beneficial to learn new things- pick something you’re really interested in! Connect with your…

5 Podcasts Every Teacher Should Listen To

By the end of the day, I have such little energy left, picking up a book is pointless. Instead, I like to pop in my headphones and turn on a podcast while I walk the dog, make dinner, or put away the mountain of laundry that inevitably piles up during the week. Here are 5 podcasts every teacher should listen to: Dare to Lead by Brene Brown Whether you’re interested in leadership or not, Brene…

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Our VT Wedding Ceremony

All photos taken by my incredibly talented father in-law, Jim Carmellini. Find him here! On August 6th, on the top of a hill in Chelsea, Vermont, Ryan and I got married. It was a beautiful, hot day with clear skies, lots of tears, and our very own rainbow. It’s crazy to think that all the planning over the last nine months has come to an end (on to our New Hampshire celebration!) but it came…

Our NH Wedding Reception

All photos taken by my incredibly talented father in-law, Jim Carmellini. Find him here! On Saturday, September 24th, Ryan and I had our wedding reception at Fulchino Vineyard in Hollis, New Hampshire. It was a beautiful fall evening full of love, laughter, and lots of dancing. Ryan and I really wanted our wedding reception to be a big party. Our goal was to spend quality time with our guests and to have a great time.…

The Great Outdoors