Reflections on Pregnancy: Weeks 20-30

The stretch between weeks 20 and 30 felt really long, but I’ve officially entered the third trimester. Maybe it was the time of year (February and March are always the longest months where school is concerned) but it feels like I’ve been really pregnant for a while. I suppose my continuously growing bump is also a contributing factor. By 26 weeks, I was really starting to feel the impacts and pulled out all the tools:…

Pregnancy/Parenting Books

Today I’m sharing the books I’ve read and would recommend for anyone trying to get pregnant or expecting their first child. I’ve tried to be really selective about the maternity content I consume and how much I consume and I feel that these books have helped answer a lot of questions I’ve had. The authors’ perspectives, while varied, have given me plenty of food for thought and allowed me to loosely plan, with intention, how…

Postcards from the Netherlands

Over February break, Emily and I traveled to the Netherlands with my grandma, my great aunt, and my cousin to visit our family who lives over there. This trip was long overdue and well worth the extended plane ride and jet lag (which was way worse on the way back, might I add). We had made it a goal for the trip to balance family time with the chance to explore locally and I found…

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Our VT Wedding Ceremony

All photos taken by my incredibly talented father in-law, Jim Carmellini. Find him here! On August 6th, on the top of a hill in Chelsea, Vermont, Ryan and I got married. It was a beautiful, hot day with clear skies, lots of tears, and our very own rainbow. It’s crazy to think that all the planning over the last nine months has come to an end (on to our New Hampshire celebration!) but it came…

Our NH Wedding Reception

All photos taken by my incredibly talented father in-law, Jim Carmellini. Find him here! On Saturday, September 24th, Ryan and I had our wedding reception at Fulchino Vineyard in Hollis, New Hampshire. It was a beautiful fall evening full of love, laughter, and lots of dancing. Ryan and I really wanted our wedding reception to be a big party. Our goal was to spend quality time with our guests and to have a great time.…

The Great Outdoors