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Today I’m sharing the books I’ve read and would recommend for anyone trying to get pregnant or expecting their first child. I’ve tried to be really selective about the maternity content I consume and how much I consume and I feel that these books have helped answer a lot of questions I’ve had. The authors’ perspectives, while varied, have given me plenty of food for thought and allowed me to loosely plan, with intention, how I want my pregnancy and birth to be, as well as provided some ideas for raising Baby C. Obviously, as a teacher, this is an area I have an interest in. However, I recommended everyone read something in preparation. Knowledge really is power (and comfort!)

Expecting Better and Cribsheet by Emily Oster

I really appreciate Emily Oster’s straight forward approach to data, statistics, and the biggest concerns surrounding pregnancy, childbirth, and the first few years of a baby’s life. She presents the data without going overboard on suggestions and really allows the reader to feel armed with the information they need to make the best choices possible. I read this book pre-pregnancy and have gone back to it time and time again within the first and second trimesters. From fears around miscarriage to genetic testing, she takes really big, complicated topics and makes them manageable to understand. Plus, the chapter summaries at the end of each chapter are really helpful for those moment you have a quick panic about a topic and wonder “what’s really up?”

Awakening Fertility and The First Forty Days by Heng Ou & Amely Greeven & Marisa Belger

I read Awakening Fertility when I was initially focussed on balancing my hormones and body and then heard great things about The First Forty Days. Both books are based in Eastern tradition and explore various cultural approaches to preconception and postpartum. While I don’t 100% embrace all the ideas shared, I found the various perspectives really interesting. The authors did their due diligence and research when crafting the strategies included and the recipes provided, while probably not staples for our family, seem worth integrating here and there. Both preconception and postpartum are areas that seem so mysterious when you’re going through all this the first time, so I was really pleased to discover and enjoy both these texts.

The Danish Way of Parenting by Jessica Joelle Alexander and Iben Sandahl

I actually picked up this book a few years ago based on an Instagram recommendation. I was curious about the cultural differences between The Danish Way and “the American way” and was hoping to integrate some principles into my classroom and teaching. Since then, I’ve really come to appreciate the elements of parenting shared and hope to include them when finding my own future, parenting style. For me, reading something about parenting and thinking “I want that in my own life!” is a pretty big selling point.

With a lot more to learn, there are may titles still on my TBR list. Some include: The Family Firm by Emily Oster, Fat Talk: Parenting in the Age of Diet Culture by Virginia Sole-Smith, The Blessing of a Skinned Knee by Wendy Mogel, and Hunt, Gather, Parent by Michaeleen Doucleff.

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